c a l v a c r e a t i o n
toisella linjalla - on the 2d line
audio visual laboratory



Conception & Réalisation: Sabrina Montiel-Soto, Fabrice Croizé & Juan-Luis Briceño

Video projections on square volumes in a space corner
Production: Calvacréation
& SBBA for Musta Kissa - Helsinki Finland

“Here is our next event for the Kallio Kipinoi Festival.
It came by surprise but has been adopted straight away !

A trio of video Artists will enlighten you with their visual interpretation of structures and forms..

They will use Musta Kissa to project and make it their own.
A visual experience of structural images and sounds.
A 1st part will be a live performance of synchronised projectors.
It will then will evolve through a screening and a mix of electronic
and funky tracks to end up the performance.

Sabrina Montiel-Soto
, Juan Luis Briceño and Fabrice Croizé from Calvacreation
will send us trough a visual experience.

KUADRICULA is a one night reality in an imaginary world...

Keep your eyes open and see you there!"
Musta Kissa